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Swapping (a.k.a. Bartering), a system of exchange goods or services without spending money, is not a new concept, and has been getting to know by more and more people nowadays. Swapping can occur easily between two persons when both offer what the other wants.


In the swap world, cash is no more the king. You may put your hard earning money away and use swap as a new way to shop. On the other hand, you can turn your preloved or unwanted usable clutter into something you need or want instead of disposing of them in the landfill.


Swapping is an eco-friendly alternative way for shopping, which allows you to reduce waste, cut down on consumption, and leave positive impact/contribution to our planet. Swapping turns one into a pro-environmental hero while saving money!


With this in mind, Kuxol wants to offer you a convenient swap marketplace where you can easily list your items or service and tell others what you are looking for. This state-of-the-art online system allows one to make, receive, negotiate and manage swap offers easily.


There is so much you can do and can benefit from swapping on Kuxol: swap your professional service with a fancy coat, offer babysitting to get a brand wallet, exchange your books for a concert ticket or sewing machine for a scanner, trade a digital camera with a vacation stay and more… Swapping is a smart way for saving some money that you can count on while boosting happiness for everyone.


Fun Swap Case

swap example 

Anna liked Janet’s dress. Janet offered to sell it at $60.

Anna counter-offered to swap her brand wallet plus $20 for the dress.

Janet accepted Anna’s offer and completed the swap transaction.

Both girls stayed happily ever after.

How it works

swap2All swap subjects should have a set value. Swapping can be item for item, item for service, or service for service. Nevertheless, all cash offer is also possible. In addition, cash supplement is used to equalize any difference in value of the swap and is a welcome way to sweeten up a deal.

Swap system is only can be used by registered users.


Post Your Ad

  • Post your items or services under Type "Swap or Sale" which is also a searchable field.


  • Enter items/service you want to Swap for.


  • A "Swap or Sale" label will be visible on your listing in the search result.


  • A "Swap or Sale" label will be visible on your ad detail view page.



  • Your listing will have the chance to be shown on the "Swap Ads" photo slide show on the Homepage and Category/Subcategory page which lead to more exposures and views.


Make Offer

  • A list of your active listings (Type Swap or Sale) will be displayed upon clicking the "Make Swap Offer" button on the ad detail view page.


  • You (Offer Maker) may select all or some listings and/or enter a dollar amount onto the cash supplement field. Here is an example.


  • The Offer Receiver will be notified about your offer through email instantly.


View Offers

  • Upon clicking the "View Swap Offer" button, all offers that are related to the ad are displayed. You will know what others are offering and the current offer status. You may land on their listings’ detail page to look for another opportunity of swapping. Click "Offer ID Detail" to view the items and/or services the Offer Maker has proposed.


My Swap

"My Swap" (under My Kuxol) is composed of two sections - "Offers I Received" and "Offers I Made".

  •  "Withdrawn by Offer Maker" under "Offers I Received" only displays offers that the Offer Makers have decided to withdraw. You are not allowed to change the offer status.


  • "All other status" under "Offers I Received" displays all non-withdrawn offers you have received. You can change the offer status here.


  • "Offers Receivers have Accepted / Declined" under "Offers I Made" displays all offers that you have made which have been accepted or declined. You are not allowed to change the offer status.


  • "All other status" under "Offers I Made" displays other offers you have made. You can change the offer status here.


Any of the four selections above will display a list of offers. Here is an example.

  • Click on “MAKER ITEMS” to view the items and/or services the Offer Maker has proposed.


  • Click on “EDIT” to view the items and/or services the Offer Maker has proposed, write remarks and/or change offer status. This is where counter offers are made or accepted.


  • Click on status to review the timeline of the offer. Any change in offer status, cash supplement, Offer Maker's remarks as well as Offer Receiver's remarks are presented.


  • Swap offer receiver can review offers and make decision whether to accept or to decline them. He / She has the option to deal with multiple offers at the same time. You will be notified about the decision through email instantly.


  • Swap offer maker can review offer status. One may "withdraw" an offer whenever the Offer Receiver hasn't made decision to accept or decline the offer.


  • Negotiation and counter offers can be carried out through Kuxol Mail and Kuxol Connect. They allow you NOT to have to give away private contact information while communicating and discussing for a good swap match and fair trade for both parties.


  • Kuxol Connect offers additional benefits for both parties to see the swap subjects and know each other in real time before any offer decision is made. This is good for saving time and adding personal safety protection.


  • All "old" offers that you are part of are available for you to re-visit and contact the counterpart for other swapping idea.


  • Both the Offer Maker and the Offer Receiver will be notified by email about any change made to the offer.

Slide show

Listing of items or services with Type label "Swap or Sale" will have the chance to be shown on the “Swap Ads” photo slideshow on both Homepage and Category/Subcategory page to get more exposures and views.


Homepage photo slideshow

HomePage SwapAds


Category page photo slideshow

CategoryPage SwapAds



  • Pick the right Category and Subcategory so others can get to your listing faster through smart search.


  • Accurate, clear and creative title draws more attention.


  • Provide a concise list of swap subjects you want in the order of preference in the “swap for” field. For example, “X-BOX, X-BOX video game, tennis racket”.


  • Provide detail fact-based information and special features of your item/service in the description section.


  • A picture means a thousand words. The more pictures a listing has, the higher chance to attract viewers. Make the images professional and appealing, for instance, use white or light background, adjust the lighting, show close-ups and different angles, rotate and crop if possible.


  • Always set a price for the swap subjects. Nevertheless, in case it’s about broad services (e.g. dentist), you may skip setting price.


  • Once you receive an offer or multiple offers, try to accept the offer promptly or reject politely. Do not leave others hanging on there for too long without any replies.


  • Raise your review rating by being honest, friendly, and responsive to others. Get to the swap meet on time.


If you happen to have any useful ideas, please feel free to share them with other swappers at Kuxol Forum


A vibrant, safe, healthy and trustful swap community benefits all. Therefore, kuxol would want to ask all of our users to do the best treating each other with respect, honest and good intentions.


Below please find some safety tips for your reference: 


  • Make use of the review section of the listing to learn about the reputation of the ad owner before making a swap deal.


  • Tell a trusted family member or friend that you intend to meet the swapper and give them a copy of the details you have received.


  • Use Kuxol Connect for both swap parties to know each other better. Take a snapshot of the swap subject(s) and the swappers and keep them in a safe place before going to the meeting.


  • Arrange to meet somewhere public and comfortable. Many police departments have extended welcome to the public to do online transaction there. You may go to main menu / Safety / Police Department to select a one where the meeting is to be held.


  • It is a good idea to be accompanied by a relative or friend during a swap meet or at least let them know your meetup time and location.


  • Don’t invite strangers to your home, nor give away more personal information than absolutely necessary.


  • Call 911 immediately whenever you feel threatened.


  • Report abuse for any "suspicious" ads.


  • Share your experience on a swap deal by submitting to the review section of the listing or by writing to the Kuxol community forum.


Safety never takes a holiday. It is always our priority attention. Hope you, as part of us, have the same thoughts, to make great effort on safe swapping.


What can I swap?

  • You can swap legally allowed goods for goods, goods for service, service for goods or service for service. For details please see Terms and Conditions.


Do I need to register to post swap ad?

  • It’s not required. You can post an ad freely as guest user. However, it is important to know that registered users gain the following additional benefits: make, receive and manage swap offers as well as the use of Kuxol Mail and Kuxol Connect as tools of communication.


How to post swap ad?

  • You may follow these simple guidelines to post an ad in Kuxol. To make your ad eligible for swapping, you need to select “Swap or Sale” from the “Type” list for your ad.
  • There is also a “Swap for” field for you to input your wish list.


Do you send me an email notice once I submit the ad?

  • Yes, we’ll send one to the advertiser whenever a new ad is posted.


How to edit or delete my swap ad?

  • If you post the ad as guest user, you will find the edit and delete ad links from your ad posting email notice.
  • As registered user, you can freely "edit" or "delete" your ad from "Manage my ad" in the User Menu (My Kuxol) section.


Should I set a value to my goods or service?

  • It is recommended that you set a price to the goods as interested party may simply pay you full in cash. Both goods and service with certain value will tell other interested party what your swap is worth. It is especially helpful when swapping unequal value goods or services, or a combination with cash supplement.


What kind of items I can’t swap on Kuxol?

  • Please check out our prohibited items for listing as reference and guideline.
  • If you happen to spot any doubtful ad, please feel free to report abuse.


Can I add some cash to even the difference from the value of the offer?

  • Yes, you can.


What should I do if my offer is rejected?

  • You may try to contact the swapper about the reason of rejection, or submit another offer by adding cash to sweeten the deal.
  • Or you can seek other item/goods or service you need to swap.
  • Or just let it go, and you may have a better deal next time.


Can I change my mind if my offer has been accepted?

  • It is recommended that you communicate with the offer receiver to resolve it in a friendly way.


After I have accepted an offer, can I still change my mind?

  • It is recommended that you communicate with the offer maker to resolve it in a friendly way.


Can I withdraw my offer during the pending/opened phase?

  • Yes, absolutely.