The following conversations might be familiar to you:

"Hey Grandpa, where can I sell my old bike?"; "I listed mine on that classified ads site..."

"Hey Mom, where can I auction my name brand handbag?"; "I listed mine on that auction site..."

"Hey Dad, where can I trade my tennis racket for a video game?"; "I did swapping on that barter trade site..."

"Hey Auntie Jennifer, where can I shop for eco-friendly products and services?"; "I got some through that eco site..."

"Hey Grandma, where can I sell this lovely bubble quilt I make?"; "I sold one before on that hand-made marketplace..."

"Hey Uncle Ben, where can I place an ad to want for a specific baseball card?"; "I did once at that card site..."


Imagine how wonderful and convenience it would be if this family could do the above together at the same website!


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